Dear pilgrims,

We are a Travel Agency specialized in group pilgrimages to Medjugorje. We will be honored to present Medjugorje to you individually as well to Prayer groups, Parishes and similar.
You can also request for Medjugorje tours & travel flyer whom we will sent to your mailbox, with other useful information for Medjugorje pilgrimage.

We are blessed as well to have our office just next to Adoration chapel facing St. James church. There we will be pleased to help you with practical information, travel literature and advice, as well mass arrangements if your group is traveling with a priest, optional excursion updates and much more.

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Medjugorje Tours & Travel, Mala Livada b.b. 88260 Medjugorje Bosna & Hercegovina

Tlf./Fax: 00 387 36 650 389 mailto:info@medjugorjetravel.ba